Torres Statement on NAFTA

May 23, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC — Today, U.S. Representative Norma J. Torres (D-CA) released the following statement on the North American Free Trade Agreement:


“For the past several months, I’ve been closely following the negotiations to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement with a new ‘United States-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement’. I had hoped that this agreement would fix the longstanding problems with NAFTA, which has undermined worker rights and contributed to environmental degradation throughout North America. Sadly, it has done little to address either of these serious concerns. The deal lacks protections for labor provisions, and would make it more difficult for governments to approve new regulations protecting the environment. Worse, it has extended patent protections for pharmaceuticals, undermining efforts to reduce out-of-control costs for struggling Americans. For these reasons, I oppose the United States-Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA) in its current form, and if this bill is brought before the House floor without substantial changes, I will vote against it.”


Torres is a member of the powerful House Rules and Appropriations Committees.