Congresswoman Norma Torres

Representing the 35th District of California
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Opinion: Rep. Torres praises Pope's message

September 25, 2015
In The News

Pope Francis's address before Congress on Sept. 24 as well as the events of recent days have rejuvenated my faith and brought me closer to a Church from which I, like many others, had become estranged.

I am proud, as are so many Catholics in the United States and throughout the Hemisphere, to see myself in this Pope.

The Pope's message today was not progressive or conservative, Democratic or Republican. It was simply an appeal to our common humanity.

Regardless of faith or political affiliation, we can all heed the Pope's advice to be better stewards of our planet, to care for the less fortunate among us, and to preserve the dignity of our fellow man.

His message to remember our past, acknowledge our failures, and recommit ourselves to the values that have made this country great can be applied to both the work of this legislative body and to our own personal lives.

Pope Francis's tenure has been marked by a spirit of reconciliation, cooperation, and respect for others, even in the face of fundamental disagreement. It is with this spirit that I hope we can move forward and as the Pope said, enable this country, by our work in Congress, to grow its common good.

(Rep. Norma J. Torres, D-Pomona, represents the 35th District, which includes Fontana.)