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September 12, 2019 Press Release

The mass shootings in El Paso, TX, Dayton, OH, and Gilroy, CA involved AR-15, AK-47, and WASR-10 assault style files


According to a recent report, 32 out of 115 mass shootings between 1982 and 2019 involved semi-automatic rifles    


August 9, 2019 In The News

Fontana celebrated the 36th annual National Night Out, along with many other communities nationwide, on Aug. 6.


National Night Out promotes Neighborhood Watch, strengthen police-community partnerships, and celebrates the building of a safer, more caring community. The event is designed to heighten crime prevention awareness and send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.


May 15, 2019 In The News

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — U.S. House members re-introduced legislation Tuesday that calls for the Justice Department to review how law enforcement agencies respond to cases of missing and slain Native Americans as the nationwide push to bring more attention to the issue gains momentum.


The legislation is named for 22-year-old Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind, who went missing while pregnant in 2017 before her body was found in a North Dakota river. Her baby, who Fargo police said had been cut from LaFontaine-Greywind’s womb by a neighbor, survived.


May 10, 2019 In The News

They're the voice of calm in an emergency. 911 dispatchers deal with life and death every day, but they do it for low pay, long hours and little recognition. Now there's a national push to change that by bumping 911 jobs into a new classification that better reflects their life-saving role.


When a phone rings inside the Fort Worth 911 call center, someone is having their worst day, and a voice at the other end of the line may be all that holds them together.


March 7, 2019 Press Release

OMB currently classifies 9-1-1 dispatchers as clerical workers—the same category as secretaries, office clerks, and taxicab dispatchers


The 911 SAVES Act would update this classification to appropriately reflect the important role of 9-1-1 dispatchers in directing emergency response and providing lifesaving emergency medical instruction